Once he announces his candidacy, what happens when the Florida Fuhrer can’t control the narrative?

This is gonna be fun to watch.

James Leftus
3 min readMar 24, 2023

In the Sunshine State, the governor has belittled kids wearing masks, fired teachers, removed a democratically-elected state attorney, started a private army, formed an election police force, and plans legislation to require registration of writers critical of his despotic rule.

But once the Florida Fuhrer announces he is officially a candidate for president in 2024, his puppet legislature, election police, and Florida State Guard can no longer deflect and distract national attention. No journalist, blogger or fact-checker will give a flying fuck what Meatball Ron demands.

The Orange Emperor of Mar-a-Loco is already suggesting that DeFascist groomed children when he taught in a private school.

When the Florida Fuhrer announces he wants to be the US Fuhrer, the rules of the game change dramatically. Now he’s just a state governor. Meatball Ron signals a lot of racist White grievance, but the national spotlight on a presidential candidate changes America’s perspective and the rules of engagement.

In other words, nothing is off limits.

Meatball has removed the prohibition on his family. His wife, Casey, described as his “closest advisor” is fair game.

Meatball enabler and First Lady wannabe, Casey DeFascist

The governor also used his own children in political ads. Using your kids for political purposes, also negates the taboo of ridiculing a politician’s minor children. (Christ! Even the Orange Emperor didn’t use Baron in his political dumpster fire, but Meatball Ron did.) And the ads’ contents using the Art of the Deal and Build the Wall is just an added embarrassment to the governor.

It is crazy to open your family up to political scrutiny, but DeSantis did, reading his kid “The Art of the Deal.”

It’s started already: this week we learned the Florida governor was involved in the torture of unindicted inmates at the notorious Gitmo prison in Cuba. (Why is this not a surprise? Oh yeah, because he was torturing suspected terrorists. Got it.)

He also was put in an awkward situation when he said he would not block the extradition of the Orange Emperor if he’s charged in New York. This may be the opening round in the Fight of the Century between Trump and mini-me Trump.

This is going to be non-stop Bread & Circuses level entertainment.

The governor’s eating habits revealed that he has the table manners of an ape: consuming food “like an animal” and eating a cup of pudding with three fingers instead of a spoon.

Yes, it’s going to be an entertaining 20 months!



James Leftus

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