Now Henry Kissinger is concerned about AI

When will this unindicted, piece of shit, war criminal finally die?

James Leftus
2 min readDec 3, 2022

“At the age of 98, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has a whole new area of interest: artificial intelligence.” -Time magazine

No matter what the subject, politicians and statesmen seek the advice of the aging Kissinger as if he was some sort of Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings. When he finally dies, we’ll watch the glorious triumphus from every level of world government praising Kissinger and mourning his passing as a public servant. (He was born in 1923.)

Anyone researching Kissinger, knows the lone survivor of Tricky Dick’s cabinet is an unindicted war criminal, despite his being awarded a Nobel Prize and the lavish veneration by career politicians.

If the government follows it’s usual pattern, I’m sure a major airport will be named for him when he finally dies, just as they did with:

Reagan National, named in honor of the Patron Saint of Dementia.

Dulles International, named for one of the Dulles brothers, who together committed blatant war crimes — disguised as Cold War operations — while enriching themselves through colonialism.




James Leftus

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