I'm reminded of the old school political left's reaction to the Yippies, labeling them the 'Groucho Marxists'." - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Youth_International_Party

(As a historical note, the Yippies were the first to use a pie-in-the-face as a political statement.)

The Yippie smoke-ins, street theatre and pranks created a circus-like atmosphere around the staid and pretentious normalcy of the House of Unamerican Activities Activities (HUAC) and the federal courts.

At the March on the Pentagon anti-war demonstration, Yippies attempted to levitate the Pentagon. "The action’s absurdism extended even to the process of securing a permit beforehand; the authorities finally agreed to allow the Pentagon to be elevated three feet in the air, down from the 300 feet that organizers had initially requested," according to Nadine Bloch, a writer on Waging Non Violence's web site.

In 1968, during the police riot at the Democratic Convention in Chicago, the Yippies endorsed Pigasus for president using a real pig.

The establishment left was not amused, but the '67 March on the Pentagon and the '68 nomination of a pig for president was a well-publicized "Fuck You" to the Powers-That-Be.

The same is true for the "After School Satan Club," which sounds very much like a Yippie echo from 50+ years ago.

These Christians today, like the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the political establishment in the late 60s, need a well-publicized middle finger.

No matter the underlying philosophy or values, the Satan club demonstrates to the Christians what happens when the their "Good News" nonsense starts to infect public education.

Your statement that the "bottom line is that this group is just plain stupid and serves as a deterrent to the values it claims it supports" might have been the response to right-wingnut Christian, Phyllis Schlafly, getting a pie in the face.

Be wary of consecrating "individualism, intellectualism, free inquiry and other such things," because, as Abbie Hoffman reminded us, "Sacred cows make the best hamburger."

Hail Satan.

P.S. Using the Post Millennial as a reference is never a good choice since "individualism, intellectualism and free inquiry" are not part of propaganda.



Scorched earth writer on the Florida Gulf Coast. Non-practicing Bokononist.

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James Leftus

Scorched earth writer on the Florida Gulf Coast. Non-practicing Bokononist.