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Ding Dong. The Witch Is Dead: Nancy Reagan

July 6, 1921 — March 6, 2016


Beloved wife of St. Ronald, the Patron Saint of Dementia, Nancy ran the White House during Ronnie’s dementia-addled second term using a National Enquirer astrologer for policy advice. “Private lines were set up in the White House and Camp David to assist in phone calls between Nancy Reagan and her astrologer, which occurred multiple times a day, and she was paid $3,000 a month for her work.” Wikipedia

The Witch created the Just Say No ad campaign. “The campaign focused on “middle-class youth smoking marijuana”.

One of many Nancy Reagan memes highlighting her blatant hypocrisy

Where to piss on her grave:

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library located in Simi Valley, in southern California.

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum . 40 Presidential Drive, Simi Valley, California

Where to topple her statue:

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Wicked Witch of the West statue



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