DeSantis’ nickname contest

What’s the best nickname for the Florida Governor?

James Leftus
3 min readMar 17


  1. ) DeathSantis

A favorite during the Covid pandemic when 80,000+ Floridians died following the governor’s Open for Business policy.

Ron DeathSantis

2.) Three-Fingers

A new nickname resulting from reports that the governor eats pudding with three fingers, not a spoon.

3.) DeFascist

A natural response to the governor’s despotic proclamations, laws and policies.


4.) Meatball Ron

This from the Orange Emperor of Mar-a-Loco and my personal favorite. Meatballs lend themselves to all kinds of monkey warfare:

  • Meatballs are innocuous and easy to use in protest art.
  • Meatballs are non-violent.
  • Meatballs allow for making political statements while enjoying lunch.
  • Meatballs are readily available.
  • Meatballs lend themselves to public protest gatherings disguised as community picnics.
  • Throwing a meatball is not assault, but you might get a dry cleaning bill.
  • Meatballs are fun.
  • Best of all, the meatball symbol is a humorous — and mocking — insult to the governor without saying a word.
Meatball Ron

5.) DeSanctimonious

Another entry from the Orange Florida Man. It captures DeSantis’ image of himself as God’s warrior.

6.) Dark Lord of Florida

I see this one as a non-starter, primarily because the governor might see it as a compliment.

7.) Florida Fuhrer

Nice name to capture the governor’s dictatorial tendencies. I also like the alliteration.

Florida Fuhrer

8.) Pig Out Ron

Another reference to his table manners.

9. God’s Chosen Ron

A reference to the governor’s claim he was a “fighter” sent by the Invisible Man in the Sky.

10.) Ronnie WTF

A nickname based on reactions to the governor’s ideas.

Florida State Guard

Got a favorite nickname for Florida’s governor? Add it in the comments section.



James Leftus

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